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Do you know us?

Since founded in 2013, JW has been constantly pursuing innovation and excellence. Seen from the perspective of modern sense, JW is the demonstration of the evolution and transformation of fitness equipment .

As a classic brand of fitness equipment, we focus on improving the excellence of the gyms. With the perfect presentation of JW SPORT equipment, we help our partners create unique gym style and bring different sensory experience to gym members, thus expound the definition of high-end fitness equipment.

While pursuing excellence, JW also represents the attention and standard of details and quality in the current equipment manufacturing industry, and presents the aesthetic concept of romance, modernity and passion for users.

In the past 6 years, JW has successfully deployed in major cities around the world and achieved great success in the fitness market.

Mainstream high-end commercial fitness clubs, star hotels and enterprises and institutions, all choose to cooperate with JW SPORT. JW SPORT always stands at the angle of the essential market demand, providing customers with service system of higher value and better fitness equipment. Its innovative and subversive design concept has been highly recognized in the fitness industry in Asia. It leads the trend in the field of high-end commercial fitness equipment.



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