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JW SPORT Debut a show at FIBO China with our new released products.

Shanghai China,August 22-24, 2019,  JW SPORT participate in FIBO China with our new released treadmill Arthur 880T.

The excellent products and unique design of the exhibition booth attract many attendees to join us. The atmosphere is hot and crowded.

JW SPORT Space at Fibo 2019 has been specially designed to combine the business negotiation area and the life experience area together in order that our customers could have a better experience in both business and Leisure time,creating a better feeling of leaping and integration of JW sport from commerical to residential product.

JW SPORT has been keeping up with the trends and is in the forefront of fashion, in addition to the strict control of product quality, JW SPORT adheres to its own unique craftsmanship and strive to make the equipment best-in-class and luxury on display effect, this is the reason why JW SPORTS are deeply loved and trusted by customers.

Arthur’s treadmill attracted many people’s attention, Perfect Synthesis of cutting-edge technology ,innovative and flawless design,wireless charging,Lift/ lower screen with one single tap,all those features makes arthur treadmill becomes the black pearl of this conference.

YS-series strength equipment have a perfect match of arthur treadmill , every micro details in design of this equipment tells the visitors they are from the same family to allow the gym owners to make their gym in a better spatial experience and visual impact.
Thanks for visiting and supporting JW sport , our team would continously work hard to provide our customers a unique one-stop fitness solution.


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