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How Should Fitness Club Investors Make Choice in The Economic Winter

Along with the deeper reform and all-round transformation since 2019, China’s economy is facing a situation, the”Three Period Superimposed”, the period of the change of pace in economic growth, the period of the difficulties associated with structural adjustments and the period of absorbing the effects of previous economic stimulus policies.



While the negative effect of economic situation is further increased by the Global Economic Slowdown and U.S.-China Trade War, all the industries are influenced and the fitness industry is not an exception as the public’s consumption of fitness is becoming increasingly conservative.



Apart from influence of economic situation, the domestic fitness industry is facing industrial restructuring, its development speed is slowing down, and its management model is meeting challenges, together with baneful influence of increased clubs which shoot the moon that makes things worse, the management environment for the industry is getting worse.


Although there’re risks under the circumstance, for wise investors, Risks=Opportunities Brought By Risks, the bigger a challenge is, the bigger the opportunity is.



The eternal environment has completely changed. In a Industry Dividend Period, the era of having profit from short-term business with the thinking of saving money has totally been a thing of the past. Now the investment environment is relatively poor, and the vesting in the fitness industry is becoming increasingly critical and no mistake should be made for any section.


At this moment, correct investment thinking is especially critical. On the internet, it’s a hot topic to make a choice between the Making-money Thinking and Saving-money Thinking for business which are fighting yet embracing each other.



In my opinion, it’s a relationship between Tao and Art. As Lao Zi said, “It works if theres Tao but no Art, but if theres Art but no Tao, then its only limited to Art. Tao is strategy; Art is method. Only with correct strategic thinking, an investor can ensure an enterprise develops toward the correct direction.


For investors, Making Money is Tao while Saving Money is Art. There’s nothing wrong with Saving Money, but it must be based on Making Money. In other words, study method after making a good strategy planning. If one pursues Saving Money only, one does not only lose the foundation of Making Money, but the worst, is accumulating risks.


Thus, only by selecting good cooperation partners with visionary strategic thinking that one can add bits for business and escort it, and make the most responsible choice.




Club Investors: Increase internal strength and defy the cold winter


According to the strategic thinking of outstanding fitness industry investors, funds for site selection, decoration, equipment, staff, etc.. are not costs but investments. Now that they are investments, return on investment is the key point! The value investments can bring is their great concern.


While selecting cooperation partners, they focus on Borrowing Strength, Borrowing Influence and Transforming Value. This is the value of cooperation with big brand, and also the solid foundation for the business to have real core competence and greater risk resistance capacity in the economic winter.



Why Choose Big Brand?


Borrow brand influence and increase value with cooperation


After over a decade of development, MBH has won great acclaim from the industry, awarded multiple honors and special advantages in many aspects.

MBH’s customers are mainly fitness chains, of which most are the core forces in the regions. Needless to say much about the position of MBH’s brand in the industry.

Brand advantage is the solid backing for cooperation partners. By borrowing the brand influence of MBH, the club can not only bringing strong confidence to staff members but also higher barrier to competition.









Create A Word of Mouth Marketing and Bring Perfect Experience

Members of fitness clubs are mainly from the neighborhood, so word-of-mouth is critical. Only equipment with good quality and superb service can help the clubs to create a better reputation and get favored by more members.


High standard facilities like international advanced production machineries and fully automatic assembly lines are equipped in the manufacturing base of MBH to ensure high quality production and strict standard testing so customers can enjoy products and services with more value.




MBH has a complete Quality Assurance System, outstanding after-sales team and service guarantee.

During the long-term usage of MBH equipment, the club can enjoy multidimensional, all-round service experience.





After Sales Service Hotline

After-sales Service Team (Packed up & ready)→Technician (Located&Designated Timely)→Professional Customer Service Staff (Providing Targeted Service)→Quick Response to Customer’s Reporting Repair→Pingan Insurance Escorts


All-round Sensory Impact to Win MembersFavor

MBH’s products can bring impact on club members’ sensory organs directly! By upgrading the class of the club environment with display effect thus enhancing acceptance of members, they help investors to better design their products, the clubs so they can be better sales! While product designing with full sense of technique and humanization can bring excellent user experience, using effects and safety to the members!










Follow MBH and get products and services with more value!


While upholding its core enterprise culture, “Mindfulness, Integrity, Altruism”, MBH always adheres to the development path of independent R&D and starting independent brands,  aiming to building a world-famous Chinese commercial fitness equipment brand!


MBH, be the corner stone of customers success only!